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how to begin? August 15, 2009

Posted by owlish in hearth & home, pagan path.

How does one begin? Hard to figure out. “I was born at thus-and-so & grew up there” & blah-de-blah…

The basics are that I am married, a pagan, an introvert, an occasional insomniac, a cat lover, a creative spirit & I have nocturnal tendencies, hence the name of this blog. I love the peacefulness of the twilight hours & the stillness of the Witching Hour.

Himself & I have been together some 17 years, a fact of which we are proud in this age of quickie marriages & divorces. I’ve held pagan beliefs nearly all my life, but only discovered that paganism was my spiritual path around 10 years ago or so. I was a solitary for many years, tried practicing with a circle which was quite an unsatisfactory experience, & am now having to learn how to be solitary all over again.

I am an introvert by nature but I have my extrovert moments. I find that being an extrovert too often is fatiguing and unnecessary. Insomnia is my occasional enemy, though not much lately. I express my creative self in as many different ways as I can; it helps me connect with my inner goddess. Creativity is the spark of life.

This is me. Take it or leave it.




1. Crafty Witch - September 16, 2008

Nothing witchy, but still a thought I like to share :o). We are married for nearly 15 years and we have been going out for 20 now and still going strong. Really something you don’t see many times in this day and age. We also seem to have similarities in other areas (…discovered this was my spiritual path 9 years ago or so) … I am looking forward to further entries and maybe our paths will cross again.
Crafty Witch

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