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reconnecting? August 25, 2009

Posted by owlish in pagan path.
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After practicing my Craft solitary for many years, I then found myself involved in a study group that had potential to grow into something more. But when some members began pushing the idea far too soon the group fell apart in a rather ugly way, & my trust in others & desire to practice with a group utterly dissolved. Back to being a solitary. But… I found I’d rather forgotten how I’d done that.

So I’ve been suffering from a bit of a crisis of faith. Focus drifted from my pagan path to my creative path. But I miss & long for that connection with nature, the cycles of the seasons & the moon, celebrating the changing tides. Haven’t been sure how to reconnect.

An opportunity has presented itself. An Elder in the community, who (whom?) I highly respect, will be teaching 13 months of traditional Wiccan spirituality beginning next month. This is the first time she’s done so since I’ve known her. Even though I’m not so keen about the Wiccan aspect of this, I am interested in the spiritual aspect, as well as all that this respected Elder could teach me & I believe that studying with her will help set me solidly back on my pagan path. Lessons begin next month & I plan to attend.